We empower our children to be out-of-the box thinkers through experiential, theme-based education that breaks the traditional mold.


Thumbnail image for Why a theme-based curriculum? By Margaret Douglas, Head of School

Here at Odyssey Day School we have been committed to a theme based curriculum since we began in 1995. I thought that parents might be curious about what theme-based education is, why we find it beneficial, and what it looks like from day to day. A theme based curriculum means that each skill area of […]

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Nate Gardiner, recent Odyssey Graduate Every year at ODS, the students create and perform an end-of-the-year theater production. This is their last big project to work on together. The elementary students take on the major roles and the infant through kindergarten classes each participate with minor group roles. This year’s show was Charlotte’s Web, E.B. […]

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Thumbnail image for Blind Debates in Gr. 6-8

by Nate Gardiner, recent graduate At Odyssey, many people would consider the mid-year debate one of the biggest projects of the 6th-8th grade Social Studies year, almost as important as the research paper and International Week. However, our debates have a twist to them: they are blind. In a blind debate, you are given some […]

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Thumbnail image for Odyssey Day School  Booklist of Family Favorites – Second and Third Generation Books

This spring we asked families via email and Facebook to send us names of books they loved, that we could then share with our school community. In particular, we asked for books which parents (and grandparents) had read as children, which their own children had also read and enjoyed. Jamie and Finn McDonough, Kerry and […]

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  • There are not enough good things I can say about the school as a whole, and my daughters teachers! The staff is committed and caring. When I walk through the halls with my daughter at the end of the day all of the teachers and administrators know who she is by name, and offer a friendly smile and are happy to talk with her/us.
    —Preschool Parent
  • When your kid says "I think Shakespeare is funny" you have to be happy with the rest of that conversation. The depth of learning is what I like best. They teach math and reading based on the individual's ability, so that they all learn better. I like that my kids have learned about art, music and spanish.
    —Seventh Grade Parent
  • There is just as much of a focus on the social education of the children as on the academic education and a culture of acceptance and kindness predominates.
    —6th Grade Parent
  • Odyssey has provided my daughters a solid foundation to become life long learners and for that, I'm grateful. Thank you Odyssey!
    —Melrose Parent
  • Odyssey is truly an amazing school. The teachers and staff are warm and supportive and the curriculum is engaging.
    —Stoneham Parent
  • My daughter not only enjoys being at school when she is there, she actually looks forward to going!
    —Wakefield Parent
  • The best thing about the school is that my son loves it! Odyssey has made him a curious, motivated learner!
    —Medford Parent