Elementary PE means YOGA!

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Inhale. Relax. Motion. Balance. Breathe. Strong. Appreciate. Peaceful. Nutrients.

This is just some of the vocabulary you’ll hear during our yoga class. Mom/Yoga instructor extraordinaire, Nicole, volunteers her time teaching the students in PreK/K through eighth grade the wonderful art of yoga. Not only do students gain an understanding of vocabulary, they are learning the various poses such as downward dog, lotus, child’s pose, and eagle pose. Students also practice the breathing techniques that make yoga so relaxing.

During this yoga session, students started out in a circle and played “Gratitude Ball.” Students were able to roll the ball to each other and state one thing (or three) that they were grateful for. Some of the answers were family, birthdays, puppies, trips, and life. Once students were securely standing on their mats, Nicole took them through thanking nature around us. Thank you to the ground at our feet. Thanks to the sun that is not out today, but gives us warmth. Thank you to the moon, and thank you heartbeat. Students then went through all of the various poses using balance, movement, and mindfulness. They worked together as partners as well as a whole group and learned crucial balancing and safety techniques. As the last few minutes wound down, students were able to lie on their mats with the lights off. This was time to reflect upon themselves and to meditate.

So thank you Nicole. Thank you students. Thank you technology.


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