Extended Day Care

Oct 8

Extended day care is available both before and after school for students through 8th grade. If you need care from 7:00 – 8:30 am or after school through 6:00 pm, we are here for your family. Groupings of ages will be different from regular daytime classes and vary according to both the number of students registered at each age level and Department of Early Education and Care regulations. Before school, your child will be placed in a small group with activities available that appeal to student interests, such as paper and drawing materials, dramatic play centers, and board games.

After school, your child will be grouped by age. A typical afternoon schedule includes outdoor playtime, snack, and, for preschool through elementary grades, a structured group activity. Recognizing that some students are quite tired at the end of the day, participation in the group activity is encouraged, but never required. The group activity is planned according to a weekly schedule, and might include cooking, arts and crafts, sports, games, drama, or music. Stories are read to younger students, and older students are assisted with their homework. A period of free play, including computer time for older students who are interested, completes the day.