Odyssey Day School is truly a special place, one that cherishes the individuality of every child, while knitting them together into a single community that spans from the infants and toddlers to the 8th grade. Every child is encouraged to take their own risks without fear of failure and is taught to appreciate the contributions of others. It is truly a special place that can teach both respect for individuality and dedication to community.

Odyssey’s goal is to give each of our children the best education money can buy. Your support helps make that happen.

You and your families are the lifeblood of the Odyssey community. Your children inspire our teachers and staff to give their best every day. We know many of you volunteer your time as room parents, as board members, as chaperones, and as event organizers. Others will donate materials and supplies to enable Odyssey to use its resources more effectively. We hope you will go the extra mile and help us raise funds for Odyssey Day School.

Odyssey Day School is an non-profit school. We rely on donations and fundraisers to help meet our annual budget.

To donate now, use our secure Paypal link, and help keep Odyssey Day School growing strong!