Welcome Lori!

We are so pleased to welcome Lori Towle to our community!

Lori has served in teaching and administrative roles for 20 years, and is presently a doctoral student with a focus on Instructional Leadership in Education. She is passionate about giving students voice and choice, and served as Team Leader for an XQ Super School finalist team- a $10 million grant to Rethink High School – in 2016. Lori ran her own micro school for three years prior to seeking a position at Odyssey. As part of her business, Full Circle Classrooms, she presents at conferences on classroom management, differentiated instruction, project-based learning and globally-oriented classrooms. She resides on a farm in Newbury, MA, with her two daughters.

A message from Lori:

“I believe learning should be an adventure, in which students are given opportunities to inquire and explore in an environment that embraces curiosity and discovery. My role as an educator is to facilitate learning using methods that work to build confidence, embrace creativity, and instill a desire to pursue individual interests. I seek not short-term results, but long-term involvement…in which individuals come to understand and enjoy learning through an authentic, project-based approach that positively impacts each students’ intellectual, physical, social and emotional well-being. As we journey together, the process will be interactive and reciprocal…integrated, flexible, and hands-on. Individual needs should and will be met, to the best of my ability, as I strive to guide each student toward a feeling of empowerment and self-worth…learning without limits.”

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